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  • Do you suffer frequent migraine headaches? 
  • Is unexplainable stress or often your companion?
  • Do you regularly wake up more tired than before you went to bed?
  •  Are your hands and feet swollen upon awakening?
  • Does your back or neck or perhaps joints hurt even though medicinal specialists (experts) could not find anything wrong?
  • Do you wake up frequently during the night, do you sweat a lot or suffer because of cold feet and that is why you perhaps even wear woollen socks? 
  • Does your child wake up frequently, often crying, sweating and changing positions in the cradle?

Part or even the main reason of your health problems might be – next to electromagnetic fields - also so called GEOPATHIC ZONES. Their destructive influence would not come on the surface immediately. It takes usually 2 – 5 years before the symptoms are manifested at the physical level. It may happen after the organism is weakened for example by an infectious disease. Vitality of organism can be enhanced by various medicaments, optimal diet, exercise, etc. But even that avenue has its limits. In order to avoid or minimize the influence of geopathic zones it is possible to move the bed out of reach of the zones. The problems associated with the zones will recede soon in the case the physical body did not slip already into a chronic stage of disease. We do offer an alternative for those who cannot or do not want to move the furniture: GEOSAN. 

The GEOSAN device itself doesn’t influence the user in any way, does not have any healing properties and that’s why it does not interfere with any other healing method simultaneously applied. GEOSAN blocks specifically all the negative radiations originating from geological and other anomalies which are reaching and contaminating the users bed or office desk directly from below. In the case of chronic diseases would often come, after installation of GEOSAN device, the situation when recovering might, for a short period of time, be more painful but medically already better manageable. After a long time exposure to multiple crossings of geopathic zones the human organism would adopt to a certain degree, to the existing condition. Elimination of geopathic zones might bring up at first certain abstinence symptoms on the surface or sometimes even difficulties falling asleep. 
Waking up in the morning though brings generally better feeling of well being and higher level of energy. 

The main part of the device is made up of nine layers of heavy-grade aluminum sheeting encased in heavy plastic creating thus a large-surface condenser of the size of 2 x 1 meter. The aluminum sheeting is connected with a small electronic box equipped with a plug adjusted to North American standards. The most effective is installation of the condenser 20 – 40 cm below the sleeping person, i.e. usually between the box-spring and mattress. 

It is more pleasant to remove the cause rather than endlessly (continuously) treat the consequences.

In the case GEOSAN does not bring the user expected relief it is possible to return the device back to the retailer within 6 months after installation, providing that the device was not damaged and/or unprofessionally manipulated. 


There are many locations where non-homogenous composition (structure) of underground minerals will cause changes of physical-chemical (qualities) properties of our environment. Interaction with cosmic forces like the sun and moon and other planets creates on the surface of earth so called field of geo-anomaly. Thus created fields may negatively stimulate a sensitive or disease weakened organism. A noticeable influence represents a change of composition of air and change of intensity of electromagnetic fields. The degree of a negative impact depends on the individual person, the length of exposure, but mainly on the intensity level of radiation escalating with a growing number of negative components (factors). 

The non-homogenous structures regardless of their physical-chemical properties of geological bedrock and their negative influences on living organism are called geopathic zones. The most dangerous are crossings of two or more geopathic zones. Well known for example are the unstable reception conditions for VHF radio frequencies even in the terrain where any reflexes of signal from solid objects are absolutely impossible. In spite of that we can see that signals in these areas are partly absorbed and partly reflected. Because the living organism is basically a bioelectrical system it is possible that this system might experience disturbances awoken at the time of transfer of bioelectrical potentials caused by outer electrical fields, by anomalous presence of electrically charged particles that are capable of penetrating into the organism and by changes of electrical conductivity of the environment. Disturbed are first of all inter-reactions between nerve cells – the neurons – but influenced (disturbed) is also the mechanism of cell division. Consequently this all leads to serious somatic problems and stress. Health consequences of long term stress are generally well known. 

Stabilized above every matter, including solid state of aggregation, will be after certain period of time a thermodynamic balance (equilibrium) of its vapours according to general (basic) principals of chemistry. In the case of matter of solid state of aggregation is the process manifested by emissions of vapours of corresponding matter into its environment. Even though we are talking here about infinitesimally low concentration of matter the final result might be a development of harmful aerosols. A long term exposure to aerosols is not without negative consequences. On top of that the concentration of aerosols grows exponentially with rising temperature and under the influence of ionizing radiation they can fission to even smaller particles called ions being electrically charged in the process. Ion has a specific stabilizing role (task) to keep (hold) aerosol in a certain formation of electrostatic field thus limiting its dispersion in the space. Obviously in these specific places the above described process will be supported by higher energetic interaction between cosmic forces and earth. 

There are the regions with a high volume of radioactive gas called radon which leaks continuously from minerals and building materials containing these particular (specific) minerals. In the case the deleterious components are electrically neutral and adhere to imperceptible aerosol particles (smaller than 0.1 um) the protection is very difficult. Are the deleterious components electrically neutral and adhere to imperceptible aerosol particles (smaller than 0.1 um) defence (protection) is very difficult. Costly anti-radon measures are here necessary even though in the case of low concentrations simple aeration is sufficient. On the other hand it is possible to catch the charged metal particles by addition of an electrical field but aeration in this case doesn’t help as previously explained. Preliminary measurements indicate that concentration of some heavy metals is at various locations significantly higher. The existence of geopathic stress zones is tightly connected with these locations. 

What is then able to stop the stream of vapour of ions or possibly even smaller particles which have the ability to penetrate practically all material? I am talking about particles that are charged electrically. This can be achieved by the help of polarized homogenous electrical fields. This field is created between electrodes of a layered condenser by attaching a low voltage electrical current and clipping it directly to the condenser. When the layered condenser is placed horizontally on the surface which is to be protected, the charged particles of elements will penetrate the outer (first) electrode and will be caught only in the polarized electrical field between electrodes so that they adhere to the electrode with opposite polarity. After certain time it comes to a gradual depolarization of electrodes by accumulated charged particles and the ability of blocking condenser to absorb goes gradually down. This process can be avoided by changing the polarity of the blocking condenser terminals in certain intervals. Thus always a new field is created between the electrodes with opposite polarity able to absorb further and further penetrating charged particles. These particles are losing their electrical charge and with it also the ability to maintain a certain formation above a geopathic anomaly so they cannot easily penetrate into the organism. 

The above described way of blocking geopathic stress zones has been known already for 16 years. More than 4000 persons is taking advantage of this discovery. The blocking device operating on this principle is called GEOSAN 01. Even though it would be irresponsible to say that by using GEOSAN all health problems would be solved automatically, it is not an exaggeration to say that the immune system is strengthened and the self-healing ability of the organism is intensified and so is any healing therapy that is used simultaneously. Perhaps the most significant might be the retreat of unexplainable stress waves and lower risk of relapses after the cure. 


The subject of geopathic stress zones was discussed and written about in many variations. My intention today is to cover not-so-known aspects of this subject. Geopathic stress zones are recognized by some scholars and ridiculed by others. Even though the points of issue of earth radiation and its impact on living organism is known for thousands of years until now it was not exactly scientifically defined as to what geopathic radiation is and how it effects the living organism. Representatives of official science even deny its very existence. In spite of that there is a number of hypothesis out of which I would like to mention a few: Hypothesis of gravity, of ionization, of ions, electrostatic and hydrodynamic hypotheses, magnetic field of earth changes, natural radiation and many others. I don’t condemn those people who reject all theories about the existence of geopathic stress zones. Nothing at all was uttered in the school and in order to verify their ubiquity certain conditions are required. It is hard to verify their existence unless we change locations for our sleep from time to time, especially when we suppress occasional pains caused by environmental factors by using highly potent pharmaceutical medicaments. Better off are those who are regularly leaving their houses for the weekend of outdoor activities. I personally know a number of cases when people leaving their houses for their weekend place of repose are coming back in worse health condition than before leaving. It is more common the other way around of course. In my case each and every business trip used to be a blessing to me but my health deteriorated soon after coming back home. 

One of the most logical theories is the ion hypothesis which was for the first time proclaimed in U.S.A. 30 – 40 years ago. Ion hypothesis is based on well known principles of thermodynamics which claims that above each matter solid matter including gases are found of this particular matter. Concentration of these gases depends on temperature of surroundings. In the case of heavy metals - except mercury - we are talking about extremely low concentrations. The arising gases are non-stop carried away by earth gases like carbon dioxide and new heavy metal gases must be created in order to keep the environment well balanced. These heavy metal gases are in the subsoil exposed to high pressure and also here present ion radiation. The gases can then be gradually transformed into ions creating electrically charged infinitesimally small particles able to penetrate through any kind of matter. The highest concentrations are found above terrain in the areas marked by significant tectonic anomalies in the upper layers of the subsoil i.e. in the areas where our planet actually breaths. In these areas we measure next to other phenomena also a higher concentration of gas called radon. Why then are all these ion particles not dispersed into the nearest environment and why do they keep its form above the area of tectonic anomaly? It is very likely because in these areas are measured also increased higher readings of electrostatic field which is strong enough to keep a certain form of the present ion particles. Thus arisen fields of anomaly in conjunction with energies emanating from the sun and moon create a field of geo-anomaly that can be detected and measured high above the earth surface. Described in technical literature are the cases of aerial metal surveys which indicate deposits of various metals in the subsoil. 

In order to eliminate or at least minimize the influence of the above mentioned fields of anomaly on energetic system of our organism it is necessary to homogenize our so far un-homogenized environment and lower the concentration of positive metal ion particles. The light negative ions on the other side are biologically beneficial to us. We can create a homogenous environment in all areas we would like to purify by installation of homogenous electrical field between two or more horizontally situated electrodes divided by dielectric if we connect them with direct current of a specific voltage. That results into absorption and discharge of mentioned particles which will be consequently dispersed into the surroundings. When alternating current is present then it will be also suppressed up to a noticeable degree. In order to clean the electrodes from a possible depolarization we can change their polarity in regular intervals by changing positive and negative voltage on electrode terminals. In these now homogenized areas the anomalous energetic exchange between the cosmos and earth will be significantly lower. 

The device which works on this principle is called GEOSAN 01. It consists of electronic part the approximate size of a common plug-in adapter where a battery could also be an alternative source. The blocking condenser adjustable to any bed size and connecting wiring are the remaining parts. The blocking condenser is the system of aluminum sheeting 0.1 mm thick and dielectric which together creates a mat-like unit. Soldered and attached to the aluminum sheets are the connecting insulated conductors. The electronic part of the device consists of the source of a low direct current voltage, a switch and timer. The device passed safety tests conforming to the EU regulations and was installed over the years for more than four thousand users. 

I will once again try to explain how geopathic stress zones tax our organism. As pointed out before in the areas of tectonic anomalies are besides other components also increased concentrations of positively charged particles forming clusters in the fields of electrostatic energies. A person entering into this transformed environment can be influenced by conductivity of metal ion particles which enter immediately into the organism. The ions make an impact on the nerve communicating conductors called axons. Via the surface of axons electrical signals run into the muscle cells. Conductivity of metal ions intensifies signals running via axons. The muscle tension goes slightly up which subsides only after we leave this environment. Is our abdomen exposed to this kind of environment while sleeping? That means that for the whole night the muscles in our back are more tense than they would be in the area free of geopathic zones. In the morning we feel as we would shovel and transport manure for the whole night. In the case of leg exposure the tense leg muscles will cause poor blood circulation and complains of cold legs would follow. That is not to say that geopathic stress zones are the only factors influencing our well being. It is the whole complex of strains challenging our immune system for example under the limit levels of electromagnetic fields, chemicals, viral and bacterial diseases. 

It is my hope that some of scientific communities will start paying attention to the here indicated research and remarkable results on the field of geopathic stress zones. 

Thank you for your attention. 

Eduard Bohac, Mnisek pod Brdy, Czech Republic

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