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Geopathic Energies

Three-D drawing of geo-zone:

Shown in the drawing above on the left is a section indicating the existence of subtle energies that are present in our environment.  To see or otherwise perceive these energies goes far behind the ability of an average person.

Trees re: lightning strikes

Lightning mostly strikes disturbed areas and crossings where negative ray-lines intersect.  “Ray-seekers” (plants that thrive or tolerate the places that are bad for human beings) in the nature include oaks, fir, spruce, larch and willow.  These trees grow over water zones and are therefore proned to attract lightning.  The positive charged clouds are attracted to the negative charged ray-lines. 

Trees/Hedges re: disease/death:

Most other trees and shrubs that grow on negative ray-lines will grow twisted or leaning away from their original location, become stunted, sick or die because of cancerous malformations. 

Ants re: ray-lines:

Ants are “ray-seekers” (animals that thrive in places that are bad for human beings) and always build their nests on the intersection of two or more negative ray-lines.  According to research the ground is 2-3 degrees warmer on a crossing of negative ray-lines. 

Cats re: ray-lines:

Cats are “ray-seekers” – they prefer and thrive in spots that are unfavourable for human beings.  They have the ability to bind the rays on their skin.  Cats will lie on a place with very strong negative radiations that are harmful for humans and discharge them again in the open air.  The cats unable to run around outside cannot decontaminate themselves and may become sick. 


A dowser is a person that is aware of and highly sensitive to a wide variety of radiating frequencies.  It is his/her task to detect and analyze the variety of radiations and recommend the optimal solutions in order to provide the safest environment for the well being of the occupants of the dwelling. 

Sick person in the bed:

A vulnerable individual exposed to the negative influence of geopathic radiations for a prolonged period of time.  Genetically  inherited weaknesses manifest themselves in the form of disease which seriousness is determined by the degree of radiating intensity and length of exposure to the geopathic stress zones.  

Accident-prone area on the road:

A statistically puzzling reality is that road accidents happen more often at specific locations on the roads or highways that don’t look particularly dangerous.  Detailed assessments have confirmed a high congestion of underground water streams in these road sections. 

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