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Geopathic Stress Zones:
Introduction to the World of Noxious Earth Energies

© By Vlasty Senovsky, Canada

earthWhat is geopathic stress?  Geopathic comes from two Greek words: “geo” meaning “of the earth” and “pathos” meaning “disease”.  Very little publicity has been given to the problem of the occurance of these mysterious earth energies.  They pass through walls, windows and closed doors – they do not recognize boundaries, fences or any other man-made barriers.  They are invisible and for the majority of people also undetectable, and yet there is plenty evidence of their existence.

Geopathic stress is detrimental energy emanating from the earth and leading to long-term harm to susceptible humans, animals and plants which are exposed to them in their environment.  It occurs when the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially, and the background field we normally experience is changed.  That might happen in the case of flooding, earthquakes or human activities such as mining or excavations.  To make things even more complicated the constellation of stars, namely the moon phases and magnetic eruptions on the sun, is playing a significant role in the ever-changing level of radiated intensity.  The rays of planets are constantly bombarding the surface of our earth day and night.  They penetrate through the surface hitting underground fault lines, water streams and ore and mineral deposits.  It is logic that the radiating frequencies will be changed according to the conductor.  These underground energies are spreading and now modified are being reflected back into the universe supported or mixed with energies emanating from the core of our planet.  All living organisms, not just humans, are subject to this wide spectrum of energies.  What is harming one species is neutral or even beneficial to other species as I explain later on.

The effect of geopathic stress is gradual, involving slow deterioration of unsuspecting individuals.  As a result, they often find it difficult to feel happy, energetic, emotionally stable and physically well.  Many authorities and experienced health practitioners consider geopathic sanitation to be the first step in the treatment of any kind of disease.  Why?  There is little doubt that when treating patients who continue to be affected by earth radiations during periods of sleep or work, response to treatment tends to be slow or uneventful.  However, when the patient is removed from the reach of the geopathic stress, conditions resolve themselves and the body begins to heal.

Geopathic stress zones can be divided into several categories according to the effect they have on human beings and can be of either positive or negative influence.  Based on my experience I am encouraged to say that positive zones or fields are rare and far apart.  Sadly their intensity is generally lower than it is in the case of their negative geopathic counterparts.

The most common zones are so called vertical geopathic zones forming invisible walls.  Originating in the ground, they rise up at different angles reaching astonishing heights.  They are typically one to five feet wide, although occasionally we come across ones that might cover the whole house or even blocks of houses.

Very dangerous might be the horizontal geopathic zones simply because they are not mentioned in any literature that I have come across so far and consequently they might be missed at the time of a geopathic assessment.  This is a problem, especially in mountainous areas because horizontal zones radiate from the side of the mountains and are spreading in all directions.  They can be envisioned as being similar to a beam of light emanating from the side of the mountain with a diameter that is approximately the size of a basket ball.  Horizontal zones can be found at any elevation of the house but are representing a real concern mainly in the bedrooms, where, if crossing the bed at the level of a sleeping person they would obstruct the normal function of one or more vital organs.

One of the most important dimensions in the world of energies is undoubtedly the level of radiating intensity.  According to european research these energies are divided into twelve grades.  Detailed descriptions would go far beyond the purpose of this article.  Let me though inform you that the intensity of geopathic zones varies from each other depending on the source of the radiation, kind of conductor, depth of its origin, altitude above sea level and most likely other undiscovered factors.  One of the factors is a natural changing of polarity from day to night.  Notice that the intensity of a negative geopathic stress culminates between 1:00 am. and 4:00 am.  Certainly not by a coincidence are numerous people complaining about insomnia particularly during this time frame.  The lowest readings of intensity were recorded between 9:00 am. and 11:00 am. 

The maximum intensity was observed at the time of full moon in conjunction with stormy weather. Sun eruptions are also enhancing the intensity of geopathic zones.  It might surprise many a person, that in higher elevations the geopathic stress not only wouldn’t die off but is gradually gaining on intensity despite the fact that the rays are gradually going further and further form its origin, which is under the ground.  This claim is supported by the fact that statistically the percentage of cancers and other diseases is always higher in cases of those occupying the top floors of a high-rise in comparison with those living at, or close to the ground level.  A logical explanation of this phenomenon might be the influence of the magnetic field of earth which is losing its power rapidly as we climb higher and higher.  It looks like the strength of polarity close to the earth has a somewhat neutralizing or balancing effect on negative geopathic stress, although not eliminating it altogether.  With increasing height there is gradually less resistance which intensifies the noxious radiations.  On the contrary the rare positive zones, so beneficial to us, which are the most potent at the ground level are gradually losing their power in higher elevations.

Certainly the most surprising, unforgettable and even shocking personal ”discovery” was the detecting of two negative horizontal geopathic zones running right through my bedroom and unfortunately also through my wife’s body.  After moving into our new house in 1998, I positioned our bed in the bedroom out of reach of all vertical geopathic zones after inch-by-inch dowsing.  Due to initial necessary renovations we slept on the floor.  We both slept well and felt great. 

Two months later, after completion of renovations we installed the bed in the exact same location.  The only difference now was the height of the bed.  Shortly afterwards, my wife started experiencing poor sleep, gradual loss of energy and was complaining about a constant drilling or grinding feeling in her solar plexus area. 

Five months later she experienced a total collapse and nervous breakdown.  Now she was bedridden, and exposed to negative energies 24 hours a day.  Her health was deteriorating rapidly. 
Her inability to swallow food contributed to a rapid weight loss. 

After a few months the situation became critical and her doctor and specialists were not able to diagnose her condition.  In an act of desperation I moved our bed into our dining room where I had discovered two weak, positive geopathic zones.  The healing process started only after she was moved out of the bedroom.  It took her more than two years to regain her previous vitality. 

Only after her recovery I finally learned about the existence of horizontal zones.  A detailed dowsing revealed that one of them was piercing through the length of her spine, obviously paralyzing the activity of all major charkas.  The second zone was crossing the first zone at the level of her solar plexus, explaining the sensation of a constant feeling of grinding.  It is fair to add that her healing process was supported by acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and then newly introduced psychoenergetic drops.

This whole experience has made such a deep imprint on our souls that ever since we decided to help others who might suffer just because of exposure to these dangerous energies, lack of knowledge and inability to protect themselves.

Confirmation of the results of our findings has been supported by our use of two machines, made in Germany.  A test via our Reba machine informs us exactly to what level of geopathic stress and/or electromagnetic stress a tested person has been exposed to and consequently how urgent it is to move him out of the toxic field.  Our second machine, called Bioresonance, not only confirms the previous information about the negative geopathic zones, but it would determine, based on a range of available frequencies, if a specific negative zone is vibrating at the frequency of an underground water vein, earth breaks, Hartman-Curry grid, and more.  This information is important because vital organs of our physical body are also vibrating at certain frequencies and with all the help of sophisticated electronic technology we are able to either ignite the healing process or prevent some kind of condition that would inevitably start after a prolonged period of exposure.

It would certainly be not right to claim that geopathic earth radiations are the only determining factors in each and every case of unsatisfactory health condition.  Their contribution though might be so significant that it is decisively worth of mentioning.  During a ten year period of my work with earth energies I can confess that I found only two houses absolutely free of negative earth energies.  All I can say is that the occupants of those houses looked remarkably vital and happy.

With this article I have covered only a small fraction of terrain on the map of geopathic energies and of dowsing them.  It is my hope that I have ignited both a spark of interest in some minds and hope in the hearts of others.

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