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By Vlasty Senovsky

“Good health is not everything but without good health everything turns into nothing.”  This quotation has proved to be true for centuries.  Can we see clearly all aspects contributing to the general decline of our health and vitality?  We might think deeply enough but do we really think clearly?  What happens with the huge spectrum of cosmic radiations originating from all visible and invisible stars, and hitting the surface of the earth?  Is it too difficult to imagine that all these mighty energies are absorbed and distributed by water streams and geological mineral deposits, then changed according to the nature of conductors, and reflected back to the universe?  This process can be translated into the terms of earth radiations or geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress may be defined as noxious energies causing bodily imbalance or illness, due to zones of harmful energies which radiate from earth.  Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those in which the immune system is severely compromised.  Cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and cancer are examples of chronic geopathic stress influences.  Others might experience chronic body pains, headaches, symptoms of physical aging, irritability and restless sleep.  All depends on an individual’s weakness as to which part of the body will be affected first.  Geopathic stress is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, learning difficulties, behavioral problems and neurological disabilities in children.

When treating patients who continue to be affected by earth radiations during periods of sleep or work, response to treatment tends to be slow or uneventful, however when the zones in their house or work place are neutralized, or the patient is removed from the reach of the geopathic stress, the geopathic stress conditions resolve themselves and the body begins to heal.  Many of us may have heard stories about a miraculous recovery after moving to another house.

According to European researchers we can distinguish three basic types of negative earth radiations:

  •  those causing harm to our nervous system (psyche);
  • those inducing arthritic conditions (motion); and
  • those that weaken our cell structure (cancer).

It is documented fact that the ability of our cell to absorb oxygen is being gradually limited with the growing intensity of geopathic stress.

It has been verified by numerous experiments that in the space above negative geopathic fields the process of sedimentation of impurities in liquid is much faster.  With this knowledge would it be wrong to assume that cardiovascular diseases ending with heart attacks and strokes are amplified by the presence of geopathic stress?  Can we blame just a poor diet, stress and lack of exercise for the decades of sinister statistics?  And what about gall and urine bladder stones, large intestine encrustments, etc.?

In Kathy Bachler’s popular book called “Earth Radiations” studies are shown on the relationship between cancer and negative earth radiation.  In her book she shows a map of a German town revealing all the dangerous zones.  On this map we can see there is not one single cancer bed outside of these geopathic stress zones.  In other words all the cancer beds were located in geopathic stress zones!

The existence of invisible geopathic zones seriously complicates the practice of the majority of unsuspecting health practitioners.  With all likelihood not even one clearly thinking health provider would try to treat a person in the vicinity of Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster with antibiotics, vitamins and minerals but he would first try to move the unfortunate one out of the area of noxious radiation as soon as possible.  And yet many of us are being exposed daily to a high level of earth radiation and treated at the same time with prescribed remedies with very little success.  For health practitioners the recognition of the existence of geopathic zones represents additional complications.  For example, early detection and consequent neutralization of geopathic zones and/or the suggestion to a client to change the location of their bed or office chair, or in some cases even their address.  In order to accomplish these goals they need the service of an experienced dowser.  An electronic device, called the Reba Test Machine, would reveal to the operator if his client is exposed to geopathic radiation or if his living or working space is safe.The inventors of the above mentioned machine, Drs. Ulrike and Reimer Banis, MD’s, ND’s (Germany) state quite bluntly: “After 16 years of practicing allopathic and alternative medicine, we are still waiting for the first cancer patient coming to our office who was not exposed to the influence of geopathic zones”. It is encouraging to know that there are countries where house builders give buyers a certificate confirming that the house is free of geopathic stress zones.  Schools, hospitals and even highways are subject to geopathic sanitation in these countries.

There are a great number of qualified health providers on the fields of both allopathic and complimentary medicine.  Let’s assume that a patient’s diagnosis and recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle are perfect.  Although when there is a lack of knowledge about the detrimental consequences of the exposure to negative geopathic zones, the contribution to improvement of a patient’s condition might be infinitesimal.  The resulting disenchantment would perhaps convince the patient that nothing but synthetic drugs can stabilize his condition even though he was informed about the harmful side effects of prescribed drugs.

It would be a mistake not to mention the existence of positive geopathic zones.  They have a rejuvenating effect enhancing our vitality. All family members, including pets and house plants can benefit from these positive zones if we decide to take advantage of their healing properties. Though, in comparison with negative geopathic zones, positive zones are quite rare.

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